Bangkok Ventures | Innovation Consulting | Technology Transfer and Implementor
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Who We Are

Bangkok Ventures is a leading organisation providing innovation consulting, technology transfer and integration across multiple industries for entrepreneurs, enterprises and government.


We help founders build highly investable, scalable and well-designed businesses that are enabled by technology. We help you turn your ideas into a commercially viable business.


We help you sort out the highest quality and the most relevant new startups or technology that can drive new innovation and co-creating the next invention to your business.


We provide tailored solutions for local government to drive new innovation and support entrepreneurship from education program to IP commercialisation.


Current Programs

Bangkok Ventures also develops an integral platform to help you transform your ideas into great businesses. Our current programs and activities are the following:


Startup Community

Startup Bangkok is a hyper local startup community with over 10,000 members. We regularly gather together every month to meet new people, discuss new ideas and explore new business trends. Please join us for our upcoming events!


Startup Education

Startup Ready is an 8-week pre-accelerator program with training, workshops and opportunity to build strong network. We equip you with essential knowledges as well as powerful connections locally and internationally.


Strategic Partnership

BV spots great ideas especially in IoT, robotics and AI and invest in the initial stage while spinning off to commercial products and connecting them to funding agencies locally and internationally.

Some great organizations we have worked with

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