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Targeted Drug Delivery Nanosystems

Developing a unique and innovative technology for cancer tumor treatment using drug delivery nano-systems to targeted tumour location by an external specific laser beam activation. of cancer treatment.

Blockchain Solution

In partnership with innovative blockchain solution providers, we empower enterprises and governments to adopt the latest blockchain innovations.

blockchain infra
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Innovation Development

Establishing innovation ecosystem development roadmap to shift Thailand towards innovation-driven economy by cultivating entrepreneurship and global competitiveness for local businesses.

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Giving you an in-depth, detailed and objective third-person-view on your current innovation capabilities and roadmap in relation to your objectives.

Venture Building

Instead of trying to build all capabilities for your team, let's start by understanding how digital supports better business outcomes for your organisation.

Capability Building

Our capability building programs develop skills that leaders of future will need to respond to the rapid changing market and business environment.


Bringing together a network of designers, developers, engineers and manufacturing partners to support you throughout your product journey.

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