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The promising future of cancer treatment.

Developing a unique and innovative technology for cancer tumor treatment using drug delivery nano-systems to targeted tumour location by an external specific laser beam activation.


Driving behaviour monitoring and passenger detection.

Combining innovative imaging technology with multiple sensors to monitor driver conditions. The device ensure a safe journey while maintaining full privacy to all passengers.


Managing and track vehicle history with blockchain.

Design and development of private blockchain system that store, validate and retrieve vehicle information such as ownership and maintenance to enable full transparency.


Creating trust and value through digital identity.

Social media exposure and online presence puts your personal information at risks, we simplifies how can individuals securely prove and share their identity online with blockchain technology.

Innospace Thailand

Developing national innovation ecosystem.

Establishing innovation ecosystem development roadmap to shift Thailand towards innovation-driven economy by cultivating entrepreneurship and increase global competitiveness for local businesses.


Bangkok smart city: an unrealistic vision

An advanced IoT command and control software that provides cities and enterprises with rapid integration of new & existing sensors and systems for efficiency, security – and rapid ROI.

How can we help.

Translating your vision into actionable plan that align with your strategic objectives.

Capability Building

Our capability buidling programs develop skills that leaders of future will need to respond to the rapid changing business environment in unconventional ways.

Design & Engineering

Bringing together a network of designers, developers, engineers and manufacturing partners to support you throughout your product development journey.


Giving you an in-depth, detailed and objective third-person-view on your current innovation capabilities and roadmap in relation to your strategic objectives.

Project Management

We help you manage and acheive your critical project milestones by streamlining execution plan, coordinating with all stakeholders and controlling your budget.

Want to be a part of our team?

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Front-end Developer

Building the next generation of digital products leveraging the latest UI technologies and architectures, multi-device techniques, intelligent user interfaces and the latest trends on user experience.

Software Team Leader

You’ll be leading a team of developers and manage tech projects towards the success. You’ll work closely with the product team and build a solid understanding of the business problems we are solving.

Account Manager

We don’t need you to have the experience, but we do need you to have the right attitude. The role is an entry level account management role with the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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