Venture Building as a Service

A prime opportunity for scaled enterprises to systematically and efficiently experiment through innovative ideas and eventually spin off as a new company.

  • Discovery

    Understand the corporate vision, resources, strategy and capabilities.

  • Strategy

    Developing venture building strategy, business model and execution plan

  • Preparation

    Organisation structure, human resources requirements and budgeting

  • Establishment

    Knowledge transferring, team screening and selection, initial operation support.

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Research & Intelligence

From insights to implementation

User Research

User Research

We help you understand user behaviors, needs, and motivations through various tools and techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

Product Research

Product Research

Product research enables you to evaluate your idea for a new product and service and see if there is a need for it and what it is that your potential customers are looking for.

Market Research

Market Research

Market research provides insight and discover target users and get opinions and other feedback from consumers about their interest in the product or service you are developing. 

Strategy & Consulting

Visualising your business from day one to exit. 

Product and service

Product Strategy

Enabling you to define product strategy, identify target users and acquiring new customers as well as exploring new commercial opportunities.

Innovation competency

Market Strategy

For us, business growth is not just about marketing, we can assist you from team development, partnerships and funding access. 

Growth Strategy

Investment Strategy

The day you start business is the day you should define you exit plan. This ensures how much and how are you going to get your money out.

Design & Engineering

Taking product from concept to completion 

Review and customer

Branding & Communication

Designing distinct identity to market by fusing purposeful elements together to elevate relevancy and value to your customers.

Product Design

Product Design

We support our clients to establish critical, early stage validation and traction with functional prototypes. 

User Experience

User Experience & Interface

Whether it’s software or hardware our design experts bring life to your products which capture user’s attention and pleasant to use.


Multimedia & Multiexperience

Multiexperience focuses on immersive experiences that use augmented reality (AR), virtual (VR), mixed reality, multichannel human-machine interfaces and sensing technologies.

Customer Experience

Software & Digital Solution

We support our clients to establish early stage validation from MVP (minimum viable product) to commercial release.

Design and Experience

Hardware & Connected Devices

By 2030 each person will own 15 connected devices. This opens new opportunities for companies to transform their products and services by connecting physical to digital world.

Capacity Building

Equipping innovation practices and mindset. 

New Venture Creation

Learn what it takes to launch, grow and successfully transform your business in this complex era. We provide training programs and workshops tailored to your needs.

Corporate Innovation

Change Management

A change in customer behaviour due to technology has transformed how businesses operate. Ability to rapidly adapt to change is a key driver of future business growth and existence in market.

Training and Certification

Agile Transformation

Innovation in the inside of a business. We work with customers to understand the organisation’s context, to map opportunities and co-create new solutions.

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