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Low-code Platform

Low-code is a new way for businesses to accelerate digital transformation. It enables organisations to develop and deploy enterprise-grade software at high speed, secure and fully scalable. You can build business apps from scratch within few days using pre-built functions and drag and drop design.

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Mobile Edge Cloud

Empowers mobile digital transformation in the enterprise. An on-premise edge cloud solutions enable unlimited mobile network capacity and secure connectivity while collecting and analyzing mobile device and IoT data, allowing enterprises to deliver and monetize new services and applications. 

ASOCS provides enterprises, cellular carriers, and the giant cloud companies with the financial and technological merits to enable Open Mobile Edge Clouds (OMEC). 

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Enterprise Digital Factory
  • Businesses today face massive barriers to digital transformation.
  • Low-code is a better way to drive enterprise digital transformation by establishing internal digital factory.
  • Low-code digital factory enables lighting fast enterprise-grade application development and deployment.
  • Your organization can become a fully digital enterprise.
5G and Beyond
  • It’s time to expand their network virtualization strategy related to LTE and 5G, all the way to the mobile base station.
  • The edge cloud that replaces proprietary embedded hardware base stations with software running on off-the-shelf servers.
  • Cyrus by Asocs is ready for 5G’s demands for high density, and ultra-reliability. It’s a fully virtualized, NFV-compatible virtual base station.
In-building Cellular Network
  • In large buildings carriers and enterprises use Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) -a network of remote radio units and antennas connected to on premise carrier-owned base stations.
  • Our solution displaces the fixed and costly base stations and serves all carriers on a single, neutral-host platform, replacing a room full of equipment with a single rack.

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