Software and Digital Solution

Building disruptive digital solution is about ensuring you focus on the right things.

We build intuitive digital solutions powered by robust backend infrastructure.  Two factors converge in the creation of extraordinaries; user experience and powerful technology.


Empowering enterprises and governments to adopt the latest blockchain innovations.

Mobile Apps

We design, develop and maintain mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Web Applications

We build custom software for startups and enterprises using emerging technologies.


Bringing a wide range of experience and services including; cyber intelligence, hacking, penetration testing and NIST framework enforcement.

Machine Learning

Giving you an in-depth, detailed and objective third-person-view on your current innovation capabilities and roadmap in relation to your strategic objectives.

Connected Devices

Giving you an in-depth, detailed and objective third-person-view on your current innovation capabilities and roadmap in relation to your strategic objectives.

We help you reduce bloated development cost.

We want to make sure your are building the right product that offers true value to your target customers. As a founder or innovator like you, we understand that you have a big dream and want to build products that are truly make impacts. However, most of the time you will end up with big chunky ideas that are expensive and difficult to execute the market. Therefore, our only goal is to help you “cut the fat” and leave only critical features that truly add values to your business. 


Our service is not going to be cheap but it will be cost effective. The starting cost may be higher but we guarantee that you will help you save much more money along your business and development journey. Of course, there are several options available in the market that offer cheaper initial fee but you may need to prepare for bloating development cost in the future.

From startups to large enterprises,

We help you realise your unique development goals.

Starting from defining product strategy, then, preparing for the right development pathway. We do this to help you identify potential weaknesses so that you can make informed decision and pivot certain areas of your concept.  Apart from developing your digital products / services, our team will help you;


  • Review your business model
  • Defining competitive advantage
  • Planning development strategy
  • Future scalability

Why choose us

6 reasons to work with us

Complete Service

We can help you research your target market, competition and identify of the market opportunity before executing your strategy.


Your idea is 100% safe with us and we will not publicise any the work we do with you with our permission.

Proven and Reliable

We have extensive experience working with startups and can show you challenges we have overcome and details on success.


We act as a technical partner. We understand the challenges and will work with you to guide you through development journey.

Flexible Pricing Model

You can choose to pay a full price or pay at reduced price in exchange for revenue sharing or equity for long term commitment of the entire team.

Professional Network

We help you connect with our local and international partners both public and private sectors including potential clients and source of funding.

Have a great idea? Let’s discuss more detail

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Case Studies

Medical Service Application

Big data usage in healthcare is rapidly growing. Our intelligent medical platform enables doctors to understand and personalised treatment plan for patients.

Mobile Service Platform

An integrated platform that connects customers to onsite service providers and central office to perform mobile service and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Vehicle History Management

Blockchain based vehicle history management platform that enable transparency between used car buyers and sellers using blockchain to track; service history, crash or insurance claim, transfer of ownership.

Digital Identity

Cybercrime is now estimated to cost around trillion dollars per year globally, Blockchain based digital identity is one of the most important technological developments to reduce the losses.