Products and Connected Devices

We help you design and produce prototypes of electronic and electro-mechanic devices.

Just explain what you need, and we will do the rest.

Concept Generation

Working together with client to capture requirements, explore all product possibilities with in-depth market research and user empathy and refine the idea until final concept is defined

CAD Development

Our designer works with you from image mapping, hand sketches to development and product styling enabling you to visualise you final version of your dream project.


From material sourcing , engineering drawings to finite element and testing we make sure that everything is align with the project goal and desired target price.

Low Volume Prototyping

Making your product ideas a reality through manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, CNC machining, plastic injection moulding and a range of finishing services

A fully integrated development team including mechanical, mechatronics and product designers providing the skills to take a product from concept to completion.

We empower you and your business by making hardware not hard by providing tailored consultation , high standard services and work with you as a technical partner.


We support our clients to establish critical, early stage validation and traction with functional prototypes. Individually tailored consultation and dedicated time with in-house experts ranging from technical to commercialisation.

Why choose us

6 reasons to work with us

Complete Service

We can help you research your target market, competition and identify of the market opportunity before executing your strategy.


Your idea is 100% safe with us and we will not publicise any the work we do with you with our permission.

Proven and Reliable

We have extensive experience working with startups and can show you challenges we have overcome and details on success.


We act as a technical partner. We understand the challenges and will work with you to guide you through development journey.

Flexible Pricing Model

You can choose to pay a full price or pay at reduced price in exchange for revenue sharing or equity for long term commitment of the entire team.

Professional Network

We help you connect with our local and international partners both public and private sectors including potential clients and source of funding.

Have a great idea? Let’s discuss more detail

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Case Studies


Driver behaviour monitoring

Combining latest imaging technology with intelligence software, we are able to monitor in cabin behaviour while maintaining privacy of all passengers.


Nanomedicine Activation Device

The promising future of cancer treatment. We are developing a unique and innovative technology for cancer tumor treatment using an active interaction between nano-medicine and laser activation.

Photo - RX01 - 01

Electric Motorcycle

Thailand has over 20 million motorcycles. In order to create a new design of motorcycles it must meet 3 essential requirements; affordability, agility and environmentally friendly.


Nutrition Detection Mug

Calories in drinks are listed right on the Nutrition Facts label, but many people don’t realize just how many calories beverages can contribute to their daily intake.