Design and Experience

Design and user experience can either make or break a product.

We design products that are convenient and pleasant to use.

User Experience

Starting from learning about your projects and your customers, we will ensure that your products logically flow from one step to the next one to deliver the best user experience.

Visual Design

Generate look and feel of your product whether it’s software or hardware. Arrangement and colours will be tailored as per your requirements and reflect your brand identity.

Industrial Design

Great technology must go together with great design and understanding of human behaviour. We focus on creating aesthetic design with deep understanding of target users.

Service Design

Service design involves the activity of mapping, prototyping and product strategy to bring relevant omni-channel experience to the right target customers,

Bringing you quality design that help you create solid and relevant solutions that appeal to both users and businesses.

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Why choose us

6 reasons to work with us

Complete Service

We can help you research your target market, competition and identify of the market opportunity before executing your strategy.


Your idea is 100% safe with us and we will not publicise any the work we do with you with our permission.

Proven and Reliable

We have extensive experience working with startups and can show you challenges we have overcome and details on success.


We act as a technical partner. We understand the challenges and will work with you to guide you through development journey.

Flexible Pricing Model

You can choose to pay a full price or pay at reduced price in exchange for revenue sharing or equity for long term commitment of the entire team.

Professional Network

We help you connect with our local and international partners both public and private sectors including potential clients and source of funding.