Corporate Innovation

Uncover non-traditional ways to create new business value.

We are living in an era where innovation is imperative. Rapid changing in technology has transform business and continue to do in more dramatic ways. Corporate leaders cannot overlook the impact of these waves of change. Innovation is a key driver of future business growth, sustainability and existence in market.

No! you don’t need to act like startups.

We believe that operational excellence is an important management practise for corporate innovation. The best way for large corporate to innovate is to develop your own innovation ecosystems internally with various products, services and business models. Then, applying a right management tools and your internal process to execute business models.


In order to achieve your innovation objectives, we will start from understanding the existing culture, capabilities and innovation structures. Then, developing your innovation roadmap and program that support your talents to conceptualise new solutions that align with your corporate goals and vision.

The Big Picture

  • Envisioning

    Starting from identifying problems and brainstorming new ideas. The team of external consultant, internal management and associates working together using custom-designed framework, various tools and methodology to develop initial idea into business concept as well as creating financial model for investment decision.

  • Steering

    The selected projects and the team members will undergo a rapid prototype development process. Our focus here is to refine your business model and help you “Cut the fat” and leave only critical features that truly add value to your business. We want to make sure you are building the right product that offers true value to your target customers.

  • Accelerating

    The goal of this stage is to transfer new products/services to other organisational business units. In some case, the team will spin off as a new company which provide more flexibility and speed to execute the market. Market and business model must be validated and commercial ready version of the products must be completed.

What we will do

It’s time to take your concept into a viable business.

We help you develop your innovation practices that encourage your talents to;


  • Identify new commercial opportunities
  • Validate business concept
  • Develop prototypes and market testing
  • Scale new businesses


The activity will be the various format including theory and hands on workshops which will help your team develop strategies that can apply to improve business productivity, growth and competitiveness.

Apart from mentioned items, the team will learn how to design and manage changes as well as organisational cultures and leadership for innovation. They will deepen their knowledge and influence to become more effective change agents. Moreover, participants will learn how to foster creativity and move initiatives from the idea stage to implementation in order to drive organisational transformation.


Various tools and frameworks will be used in the initial idea generation phase, utilising idea management tools to select the most feasible ideas for development as well as building innovation into the strategy, capabilities and culture of an organisation.

What can you expect

A novel innovation strategy and translate it into a structured process.

Together we will build a tailored process that applicable to your specific business unit which results in;


  • Valuable market insights and learning
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Identify future talents of your organisation
  • Faster route to market
  • Explore new technology and business models


Our corporate innovation program usually runs for 6-8 weeks on weekly basis. The team will utilise only 20% of their working time to participate in the program. Although our program is tailor-made for each client,  a typical module of activities includes;


  • Problem Identification
  • Idea generation
  • Conceptualisation
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and validation
  • Business model generation
  • Financial and investment

Talk to our consultant

Let’s discuss your corporate innovation roadmap.

Case Studies

An internal innovation program for Asian Honda Motor to identify and explore new business opportunities.