A new environment for the corporation to set up new rules, a possibility to proactively spot ideas on the edge, as well as in the core of its business and a place where those ideas can be protected from the organisation while also being supported by technology.

What to expect

  • Access to new technology and business models
  • Potential investment and acquisition
  • New commerical opportunities
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Access to talents
  • Faster route to market
  • Valuable market insights and learning
  • Develop internal culture of innovation
  • Increase internal innovation capability


Corporate Incubator

Helping your team develop knowledge and skills to encourage creativity, problem solving and entrepreneurship mindset within your organization. This will teach you how to understand, integrate and promote innovation in a variety of settings.

Corporate Accelerator

Accelerator program is about bringing in outside innovation by working with startups with proven products while companies provides industry insights, expertise, access to resources, data or even customers.


Let’s discuss your innovation roadmap.