What We have done.

Design and Engineering

We work with clients to help design, develop and commercialise innovative projects with highly skilled designers, engineers and business strategists.​

Targeted Drug Delivery Nanosystems

Traditional chemotherapy in cancer treatments usually leads to serious side effects on patients due to the unselectiveness and high toxicity on normal cells of cancer drugs.

We are developing unique and innovative technology for cancer tumor treatment using an active interaction between nano-medicine and laser activation.

COVID-19 Isolation Enforcement

Until a cure or vaccine is available, the only way to maintain any form of control is with isolation.

Isolation and limited human interaction will assist to aid the virus from spreading at great speed. Slowing the speed of community contamination will prevent our health departments from maxing their capacity and provide them with the time and resources to treat patients effectively, and hopefully avoid the potential of a catastrophe.

Mobile Service Management Platform

A mobile and web platform that connects car dealers with their customers, qualified technician and central operation to perform onsite maintenance service

The new platform is integrated with multiple existing systems including CRM, online booking and integrated dealer system.

Innovation Training 01

Entrepreneurship Education Program

Service : Consultation & Project Management

Connected Device

Product Development Bootcamp

Service : Consultation & Project Management


Enhancing Preventive Medical

Service : Software development 

Design and Experience

Safe and Smart City Concept

Service : Design and Consultation


National Innovation & Collaboration

Service : Consultation