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Targeted Drug Delivery Nanosystems

Technology for cancer treatment using drug delivery nano-systems to targeted tumour location laser beam activation.

Covid Isolation

COVID-19 Isolation Enforcement

Limited human interaction will assist to aid the virus from spreading and prevent our health departments from maxing their capacity.


Basecamp is a product development bootcamp which assist modern entrepreneurs to develop ideas into functional prototype and provide access to investment opportunities.

Startup Ready

Startup Ready is an incubation program backed by Department of Industrial Promotion under Ministry of Industry which aims to foster more founders and better founders.

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Corporate Innovation

An internal innovation program designed to identify new potential commercial opportunities and foster innovative and consumer focused culture within the organization.

Innospace (Thailand)

A national startup platform with the mission to cultivate and develop nationwide entrepreneurial ecosystem that shift Thailand towards an innovation-driven economy


Safe and Smart City

A single Command & Control interface for all existing and new sensors, systems, and subsystems providing rapid integration and interface between all data.

Mobile Service Management Platform

A platform that connects car dealers with their customers, qualified technician and central operation to perform onsite service.

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Telemedicine Platform

We have made a simple and easy-to-use telemedicine app for both patients and physicians enabling clinics, doctors and patients to easily manage their case and communicate seamlessly.

Blockchain Car Marketplace

Blockchain Vehicle Marketplace

Blockchain utilisation for used car marketplace enabling buyers to access to vehicle history and enhance transparency of each purchase.