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For Entrepreneurs

Innovation Sprinter™

Innovation Sprinter™ is our trademarked process of commercializing great ideas. This methodology is designed to help founders build highly investable, scalable and well-designed businesses that are enabled by technology.

By leveraging experience of serial entrepreneurs, industry and technology experts, we can help you turn your wild ideas into a commercially viable businesses. This method is designed specifically for early stage entrepreneurs and here are something you can be expected:

  • Discuss your ideas

    • Since we work with innovative ideas, IP protection is the core of everything.
  • Business Model Validation

    • We make sure you are creating the right business model that match customers’ need.
  • Market Validation

    • We make sure that you are building products that have market demand.
  • Product Strategy

    • We help you clarify and speed up your path toward the development phase.
  • Fund Raising

    • We help you preparing financial models, defining key metrics and access to capital.


3MDev™ is an international marketing partner for startups. Within our experience we found that most startups face difficulties in 3 areas after the initial idea and a few pivot rounds, namely: Market, Materials and Money. They lack of clear understanding of who are the main customers, how to access to them, initial fund raised are diminished.

3MDev™ is our methodology to fill the gap for entrepreneurs who have proven traction and want to scale businesses beyond borders.

  • Market

    • After signing an agreement with BV, the proprietor of the 3M Dev™, the client will gain a full access within our network and beyond which will identity an appropriate market access for their product in Asia, Europe, America and Israel.
  • Marketing Material

    • 3M Dev™ team will then give necessary advice in order to adapt an appropriate design to fit the segment of each product.
    • The team will help to create a pitch deck that ring a bell to investor.
    • The team will sort out resources to build MVP more economically and less time consuming.
  • Money

    • BV has VCs in portfolio more than 50 VCs worldwide from Asia, Europe, America and Israel willing to invest in all stages of startups. We connect our participating startups to them.
    • In addition, BV provides a scale up program (extra charge) called MIW BoostCamp™ in Tel Aviv to scale up from Series A onward. The program trains initial funded startups to pitch that rings a bell to ears of international investors and do it globally.

Need some ideas for your next campaign?

Case Studies

Rinn Logo

Rinn is a smart cup senses fat and carbs in your drinks and instantly calculate calories as well as intelligently learns your consumption behaviour to help you control your diet.

growbotic logo

Growbotic is a self-learning agricultural solution to help farmers access essential environmental and productive parameters in realtime to improve productivity and minimise losses.

Smart Flow Logo

Smart Flow is an internet-connected electromagnetic fuel pre-heating dongle for diesel combustion engine to enhance engine efficiency.