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For Enterprises

Corporate Innovation

While large organizations struggle to keep up with the pace, startups out-grow their competition by leveraging exponential technologies and reinventing the market over and over again. If you don’t take certain steps to drive innovation in your company and move towards being an exponential organisation, chances are that you are on your way to becoming the next out-of-date organisations.

Bangkok Ventures connects strengths and resources from enterprises with external innovation in order to drive exponential growth and prevent themselves from becoming victims of digital darwinism.

  • A faster way to access to latest technologies
  • A cheaper way to access to talents
  • A more flexible way than internal R&D to access new innovation

Technology Implementation

Great technologies can be access from any corners around the globe. We dedicated to identify and search for new innovation through our global partners that have potential commercial interest for enterprises. We transfer and implement them to suit local requirements via our high expertise local technical support team span across various industry sectors including telecommunication, oil and gas, homeland security, agriculture, multimedia and robotics. BV ensures you have the right technology for your organisation at the most reasonable price with dedicated local technical teams.

  • Access to latest new technologies
  • Access to proven technologies with global references
  • Excellent local technical support team

Want some ideas how to innovate your organization?

Case Studies

Thaioil Logo

Thai Oil Group is a leading organization of fully integrated refining and petrochemical company in Asia Pacific. It is also the largest petrochemical refinery in Thailand. Thai Oil aims to build the security system for their refueling terminal as well as improve truck driver experience when entering restriction areas. BV together with its alliance from Israel, offer tailored-made cutting edge security solution to solve ThaiOil current challenges including entrance overload, lack of driver authentication mechanism, and manual personnel identification.


The proposed solution consists of several layers of security elements. Physical elements are installed at the first security tier together with additional layers using automated tools, algorithms and decision support systems in order to react to threats and events in real time.

Allianz Ayudya Activator Logo

Allianz Ayudhya Activator is an accelerator program focusing on financial technology (FinTech), medical technology (MediTech or HealthTech) and fitness technology (FitTech). The program is operated by Allianz Ayudhya, Thailand’s leading insurer with the goal to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in MediTech, Fintech and FitTech.


Bangkok Ventures plays an important role at initial stage of the project by designing and customizing program concept, theme and structure as well as communication direction. The project is later continued and operated by other vendors.

Cargill logo

Cargill is a multi-billion dollar private company that has grown from a grain storage facility into an international producer and distributor of agricultural products.  Bangkok Ventures had the opportunity to provide Innovation consulting and training for the corporate strategic development team for Cargill Singapore. BV also handpicked great local agri-tech startups to explore collaboration opportunities with Cargill.