Corporate Innovation

Internal Incubation

Our internal incubation program is fully customizable. It will help your team develop knowledge and skills to encourage creativity, problem solving and entrepreneurship mindset within your organization. 

This program will teach you how to understand, integrate and promote innovation in a variety of settings and different aspect of corporate innovation.

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Corporate Accelerator

Corporate accelerator acts as a bridge between outside innovation and the corporation. It provides an environment for the corporation to set up new rules, a possibility to proactively spot ideas on the edge, as well as in the core of its business and a place where those ideas can be protected from the organisation.

Training & Workshops

All other training programs includes; 

  • Design Thinking
  • Perfecting your presentation
  • Build an app in 3 days
  • Coding for Non-Coders
  • Developing AR/VR application
  • Ultimate Digital Marketing Technics
  • UX/UI Design

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