• Limited access to knowledge and inadequate experience are one of the major causes of failure.
  • Mentorship is one of the most important elements for early stage entrepreneurs but they are not so easy to reach out.
  • Limitation of funding prevents entrepreneurs from bringing their great ideas to reality.
  • Peer support within like-minded community will encourage entrepreneurs to overcome challenges.


We help entrepreneurs from early stage to overcome above challenges by creating collaborative platform and programs to minimize common pain points. We enable entrepreneurs to meet with mentors, investors and potential partners globally which enables startups to launch, grow and scale their startups faster with less risk.

Our Programs

SMEs & Startups

Innovation Sprint™ is a proven process of commercializing great ideas. It is designed to help early stage founders build investable and scalable business. Here are something you can be expected:

  • IP Protection – IP protection is the core of everything.
  • Business Model Validation – Making sure you are creating the right business model.
  • Market Validation – Ensure you are building products that have market demand.
  • Product Strategy – Clarifying and speed up your path toward the development phase.
  • Fund Raising – Preparing financial models, defining key metrics and access to capital.
Scale Up

3MDev™ is an international marketing partnership program to fill the gap for entrepreneurs who have proven traction and want to scale their business beyond borders. Here are something you can be expected: 

  • Market – Gaining full access within our network which will identify appropriate market entry for their products in Europe, USA and Asean.
  • Material – Our experienced team and partners will give advice to prepare necessary materials including financial plan, legal documents, designs and resources.
  • Money – An optional funding access program to scale up from Series A onwards with more than 50 VCs, worldwide.

Collaboration Model


We work with you on any interesting projects as a service with full commitment and dedication with transparency and fairness.


If you see that we can deliver value to your business in long run, we are happy to discuss our long term commitment with you.


In case that you are seeking for the best balance between service fee and partnership, we are open for hybrid collaboration model.

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