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According to a 2017 CIO survey, 90% of digital transformation efforts are coming up short. 86% of respondents blamed a lack of agility when developing new digital applications. The main culprits: complex and aging IT architectures and lack of skilled resources. IT appears to be hitting a wall.


To overcome these challenges and drive digital transformation at pace and scale, IT needs to apply new methods and tools to meet the four objectives that are foundational for digital transformation success:

  • Enabling more innovation and coping better with uncertainty.
  • Achieving more successful adoption of agile.
  • Architecting more flexible, easier integration.
  • Delivering software faster, more reliably, and with fewer errors.

Introducing Low Code Digital Factory

A low-code digital factory is an approach to accelerating digital transformation that enables you to;

Deliver new software applications for your business up to 10x faster than traditional development.

Scale your team’s output from just a few applications to hundreds (yes, hundreds) per year.

Establish a sustainable capability for enterprise-wide digital transformation. No longer depend on outsource vendors.

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